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The Minran Coffee

The Minran Coffee

Mokha 1450 tasked its team of award winning baristas to curate a coffee experience like no other, one that uniquely targets the flavor profile preferences of UAE coffee connoisseurs.

The Minran coffee, the first response to this tasking, is curated by Mohamed Minran and one can expect tasting notes of cherries, honey, exceptional sweetness, fruity flavors, with a milk chocolate finish.

This coffee, in addition to reflecting the flavor preferences of UAE residents, offers a few other innovations. The origin of the coffee will not be shared so as to remove the limitations of expectations as well as to highlight the barista alone.

Additionally, The baristas will also receive a percentage of the revenue from each coffee bag purchase and will feature as the cover story in Mokha 1450’s compendium Barista Craft Magazine that guests will receive when they purchase a bag of the coffee.