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Amaro Gayo

Origin : Ethiopia
Region : Amaro Woreda (1300 – 2000 M.A.S.L.)
Farmer : Asnakech Thomas
Varietal : Mixed Heirloom
Processing : Natural
Taste : Mild acidity, medium body
Flavour : Lime peel, mixed berries, exotic spices

The exceptional Amaro Gayo coffee is exported through Ethiopia’s only female miller/exporter, Ms. Asnakech Thomas.  Native to the Amaro region, Asnakech decided in 2005  to return to Ethiopia and improve the coffee quality and living conditions of her community.

This coffee is scrupulously harvested, sorted, and milled at Asnakech’s own facilities, allowing her remarkable control over her crops. The “Grande Dame” of coffees, the Amaro Gayo has a distinct reputation within the specialty coffee community and Ms.Thomas, ever the perfectionist, has prepared this crop of her coffee specifically for Mokha 1450 and has afforded Mokha 1450 a place on the podium in specialty coffee championship competitions.