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Ethiopian Horizon Geisha

Origin : Ethiopia
Region : Southern Region, Bench Maji zone (1350 – 1650 M.A.S.L.)
Farmer : Horizon
Varietal : The 100%  Indigenous Ethiopian Geisha
Processing : Natural
Taste : Heightened acidity, medium body
Flavour : Dried mango, lemon/citrus, red stone fruits, exotic spices

This is the mother-plant of all Geisha varietals around the world. Coffee originated in Ethiopia and the Geisha (or Gesha) is no exception.

This coffee has been genetically mapped and produced by the Ethiopian Coffee Institute as the 100% original strain of all Geisha varietals including the famous Panama Geisha varietal. Originating from the Gesha region, Bench Maji Zone of southern Ethiopia, this Horizon Geisha coffee is the first Ethiopian Geisha coffee to be exported from Ethiopia and Mokha 1450 is the only place where this coffee can be found.