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Mokha 1450 Jamaica Blue Mountain Specialty Coffee

Mokha 1450 Jamaica Blue Mountain Specialty Coffee

A rarity among rarities, Jamaica Blue Mountain is a 100% Grade One coffee that is unadulterated and pure, and among the highest priced and sought after coffees in the world because of its unique and superior flavour profile.

JBM has been well sought after for several hundred years since it first made its way across the globe when the world’s very first corporation, The East India Company, took the coffee from Jamaica to the United Kingdom and other far corners of the earth.

JBM is an exceptionally unique coffee in that it is perfectly smooth and balanced with almost no bitterness. JBM coffee is perennially among the highest priced and sought-after coffees in the world because of its unique and superior flavor profile as well as the fact that over 80% of the coffee is purchased by Japan.

This leaves a small portion of JBM for sale to the rest of the world.

Mokha 1450 is the ‘Heart of Coffee’. A place for serious coffee connoisseurs

CEO of Mokha 1450, Garfield Kerr says “I have leveraged my personal relationships in Jamaica to source the highest quality designation of “Grade One” JBM on offer at Mokha 1450 Coffee Boutique from three exceptional female coffee farmers in Jamaica whose farm is located at the highest regions of the Jamaican Blue Mountains.

What makes Mokha 1450’s JBM Grade One unique, even when compared to other JBM Grade One coffees, is that it is 100% certified JBM Grade One coffee that was supervised and shipped directly to Dubai from the Coffee Industry Board in Jamaica.”

Visit our boutique on Al Wasl Road, or our Coffee Lounge at Golden Mile Galleria, Palm Jumeirah and try it for yourself.