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The Lounge Experience – Signature Drinks

The Lounge Experience- Signature Drinks

Mokha 1450 have applied the combined knowledge and experiences of over a decade in competing in Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Barista Championships, Cup Tasters Championships and other coffee competitions to pioneer a new coffee lounge concept – Mokha 1450 Coffee Lounge at the Golden Mile Galleria on the Palm Jumeirah.

The Lounge features a specialty coffee shop with a lounge type atmosphere that serves high concept yet assessable and delicious coffee inspired non-alcoholic mocktails, as well as non-coffee mocktails and drinks, for those who would like a refined, but relaxed environment in which to unwind in.

Mokha 1450 Coffee Lounge offers a few world’s first as the lounge debuts the concept of having any brewing method currently available in the world done at the clients table via a portable bar. The consumer, be it a coffee connoisseur or coffee novice, can engage with the barista and ask questions as their coffee is being prepared by some of the region’s best SCA certified baristas.

Mokha 1450 Coffee Lounge also debuts the concept of signature desserts designed by one of Dubai’s most innovative pastry Chefs under the direction of one of the region’s most prominent Executive Chefs. Designed to be paired with specific coffees to enhance the specific flavour profile of that particular single origin coffee.  Some of the world’s finest Belgian chocolates are also on offer that are crafted by one of Dubai’s top Master Chocolatiers and are infused with Mokha 1450 specialty coffees and paired with specific brewed coffees or mocktails.

Mokha 1450 Coffee Lounge is also the only place in the world that offers coffee from the Masha District of Ethiopia that is produced by the Ethiopian athlete and businessman Haile Gebrselassie, the winner of multiple Olympic gold medals and greatest long distance runner in history.  Haile himself farmed the land and is quite proud of the amazing coffee he has produced that has a unique flavor profile with orange notes and has garnered very high cup scores.