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Jamaica Blue Mountain

Origin : Jamaica
Region : Blue Mountains (2000 M.A.S.L.)
Varietal : Typica
Processing : Fully washed
Taste : Low acidity, medium – full body
Flavour : Nutty, Cacao/dark chocolate, mixed spices

Grown at the highest regions of Jamaican Blue Mountain (JBM) by three female farmers from the Jamaican Coffee Growers Association, this rare and highly prized coffee is produced specifically for Mokha 1450 and is Certified “100% JBM Grade One” by The Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica (CIBOJ).

JBM coffee is exceptionally unique because it produces a perfectly smooth and balanced cup with almost no bitterness. JBM is the world’s first truly specialty coffee having been traded continuously for several hundred years with an impeccable reputation over the long life of this peerless coffee. To experience 100% authentic JBM coffee is an exceptionally rare treat as it is the most counterfeited coffee in the world. Only small quantities of JBM are produced relative to other coffees with close to 90% of the coffee purchased years in advance by the Japanese, which is then shipped directly to Japan once harvested. This leaves only approxi-mately 10% of JBM for the rest of the world. Luckily, this JBM has been shipped directly from the CIBOJ to Mokha 1450 in Dubai, so you can rest assured that it is indeed the real thing.