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Welcome to Mokha 1450

We deliver the Heart of Coffee from Crop to Cup

We love the finest coffee and we regard our customers as connoisseurs.

Mokha 1450 is the ‘Heart of Coffee’.

01The Boutique Experience

The word “boutique” is part of our name and foundational approach to coffee because most of our coffees are processed in small amounts and are available only at Mokha 1450 and nowhere else in the world.

02Cold Brew

Mokha1450’s specialty cold brew single origin coffees are hand crafted in small batches and are rich, aromatic, flavorful, and sometimes intense.  The flavor profiles and inviting aromas varies significantly depending on the origin of the coffee.


03The Lounge Experience- Signature Drinks

Mokha 1450 have applied the combined knowledge and experiences of over a decade in competing in Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Barista Championships, Cup Tasters Championships and other coffee competitions…


In the Beginning…

Arabic culture has a huge tradition of storytelling. Seated around campfires under the panoramic desert night, stories are carefully recited so that no detail is left unsaid. These stories are passed on from generation to generation, father to son, mother to daughter from voice to ears. The historic stories talk of legendary characters, unbridled passion, wild adventure and exotic locations.
One such story combines all these classic ingredients. It began in Yemen at the ancient port of Mokha in 1450. For it is here the heart of coffee culture first started to beat and as this tale began to unfold, a tradition emerged that would forever change the World.
From seeking and securing rarefied single origin beans from the most gifted growers in the world; to roasting and pouring the ultimate cup; it is our obligation to ensure exemplary practices and the very finest coffee is served in any shape or form.
Mokha 1450 is the ‘Heart of Coffee’. A place for serious coffee connoisseurs

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Experience the most amazing coffees the world has to offer from some of the best baristas in Dubai

All the baristas at Mokha 1450 undergo a rigorous training program and must obtain Specialty Coffee Level accreditation before they are certified as baristas...

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