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Yemeni Sabri

Origin : Yemen
Region : Sabri Mountains (1450 M.A.S.L.)
Farmer : Talok Womens Coffee Association
Varietal : Sabri
Processing : Natural
Taste : Slight acidity, Medium body
Flavour : Dark chocolate (Dominant), Pineapple hints, mixed berries, exotic spices

Our signature coffee that has been scored 90+ and won a number of coffee championships and the reason Mokha 1450 got started!

A group of 70 female farmers that jointly form the Talok Womens Coffee Association (TWCA). Mokha 1450 trades direct with the TWCA and is the only place in the world where their coffee is sold. TWCA are the first to export specialty level coffee from Yemen. Mokha 1450 also funds projects to assist the TWCA such as building water wells to reduce the impact of the current drought in Yemen.